Our logo design is that of several buildings with the central structure resembling the number 1 to symbolize our goal of becoming the leading property developer within Malaysia. The logo was created using bold shapes, colours and fonts to reflect our strong and established foundation in addition to our confidence as top industry leaders. The design was created to be an icon rather than a logo in order for people to see it more as symbolism for what we stand for, making it more memorable and recognizable.


To be one of Malaysia’s most admired developers that innovates and inspires the property industry.


To our

To deliver exclusive quality products and services at cost-effective prices that will encourage them to live inspirational and enriched lifestyles.

To our
Business Partners

To nurture a winning partnership with business associates to create mutual and enduring value for all.

To our

To cultivate a philosophy of leadership and excellence that will inspire and create our vision and goals to become a reality.

To our

To provide funding and support for communities in need, to make a difference and empower them to inspire others.


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